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About Cinful

The Sinfully sexy Halloween Scorpio, Cinful, is a Hollywood Born and Bred musician.

she began clubbing on Sunset Blvd at the tender age of seventeen. Moving swiftly between musical genres, between dance clubs and live band venues, her musical prowess grew along with her desire to entertain.


CINFUL played in numerous bands and acoustic duos and trios, writing songs and pursuing her passion. Then she discovered electronic music and her career soared.  cinful dj-ed for 10 years at the Playboy Mansion and toured Nationally and Internationally playing the hottest clubs worldwide. Cinful is an acclaimed musical artist and producer with 15 tracks and 7 music videos to her credit.


Original Music

 Dark, Witchy, hypnotic, Industrial track...

Cinful DJ Mix//The Spell
 Sinister, hypnotic, dark and deep progressive of my first on Vinyl, back in the day... and reminiscent of the essence of the style of music I devour...Join me in the ritual.

Cinful DJ Mix//Wicked
 2-Hour wicked Sexy Electro Progressive Mix by Cinful...

Cinful DJ Mix//Dark & Sexy 
Dark & Sexy Electro Progressive Mix by Cinful...

Cinful DJ Mix//Live at the Playboy Mansion
 Vinyl set...deep, dark, sexy, and sultry

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